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How to Install and Use SideQuest
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How to Install and Use SideQuest

Sidequest minimum requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867
  • File Size: 100MB
  • OS: Windows 8.1/10/11 (32bit/64bit)


  1. Downloading SideQuest
  • Please navigate to the SideQuest Website.   You can click here, or you can go to:
  • Choose the “Advanced Installer” option, and click the Download button (Note, it may look different on your device)


  1. Installing SideQuest on to your PC

Your computer will download the SideQuest Installation file.  Please be sure to note the location on your computer where this file is downloaded and saved to – perhaps your Download folder or Desktop.  

  • When the download is completed, click on it to run.

  • Click Next.  This is when your Operating System, such as Windows, may check to see if you have the proper rights to install third party software.  If you are unable to proceed past that step, you should discuss it with your Store Manager, your IT Department, or whomever owns the computer system you are using.


  • Choose your installation directory or leave it at the default. 


  • Click Install

    Wait a moment….


    Once the install completes. Click Finish, and SideQuest will start.


  1. Connecting device to computer
  • This is how the program will look when it first runs.  Please note in the Upper Left Corner, you can see a Red dot, and “Not Detected”.   This is referring to your VR Headset.  In order for SideQuest to “see” your VR Headset, you will need to plug it into the same computer using a USB 3.0 VR Headset Data Cable.  

  • When you connect this cable to your Device for the first time, you may see a screen like this one – please check “Always Allow” and say OK. This allows your computer to control and transfer devices to the VR headset.

  • When you’re past this step, you should see the Upper Left Corner of SideQuest change when it can “see” your VR Headset:

    With Headset Unplugged:

    With Headset Attached to Computer:

Sideloading Content onto Headset

When SideQuest is reading your Headset properly, it can transfer files from your computer to the headset, just like a media player managing files on a smartphone.   In order to install content, you will need to download it from the PIXO Platform.

All the VR Content is stored online.   Please refer to our Guide (DOWNLOADING CONTENT) for more information on how to access and download these files. The files will usually be downloaded in *.zip format.  Please Extract them using the program of your choice, so that you have the files within available for use.


  1. Plug in device and look for green circle in the upper left hand corner to make sure the device is connected correctly.


  1. Take the extracted folder from the downloads after you extracted the Zip file and fine the .OBB and .APK files.


  1. Go to SideQuest and click on the button with the 3 lines and a Check mark.


  1. Drag and drop both files into the field. Once the module is successfully installed it would be highlighted in green.


  1. You are now done with the computer portion – so you can disconnect the VR Headset from the computer and put the computer away.   You can now put the VR headset on.


If have you any questions or still need assistance please contact: 
Email: [email protected] or Call: PixoVR at (248) 996-8298 and Press option 3 for Tech Support.


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